Fulgarite - lightning glass


Fulgarites form when sand is partially melted and fused due to a high voltage electrical discharge.
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"These stones embody the powerful energy of lightning within them, that was infused into the stone at the time of the event which caused their creation. This energy makes Fulgurite stones powerful manifestation tools. 
A common use for Fulgarite is for manifesting through the power of prayer. By praying fervently and then blowing your prayer out, through the center of the stone, to the universe, many people believe that this is amazingly effective to manifest.

Its energy forms an energetic bridge between your thoughts and those of the Divine Mind, and it flows in both directions. It is therefore a stone to aid en-light-enment, as through the bolt of light-ning we receive this Divine light.
This is why many people use it on the higher chakras, from the heart chakra up, and including the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.
This stone may be used at any of the chakras, as it well known as a stone to aid you to make contact with the Divine Mind.
At the throat chakra, it will have a healing effect on the ears and the hearing. It may clear the clairaudient channels and accelerate the development of the gift of psychic hearing." - heal crystals for you dot com


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Some rocks and minerals, such as Sulphur, are scientifically known to have inherent health/safety risks which may not be listed in these descriptions. Other species may become altered when exposed to moisture, Ultra-Violet light or heat. I provide information which can be confirmed through multiple sources and make every attempt to eliminate large discrepancies between authors. Some portions may be taken directly from the source with additional citation. Metaphysical descriptions can vary based intention, method and even location of use. It is strongly recommended to find the method of use which best fits your own personal preferences.

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As little as 0.01% impurity can alter the coloration of a mineral. This chart shows which colors are
result from which metallic impurities. This shows only the most common colorations and does not reflect additional causation such as radiation, isotopes, or light refraction properties.

Coloring elements
Element Colors
Titanium Blue
Vanadium Green / Color change
Chromium Red - Green
Manganese Pink
Iron Red - Green - Yellow
Cobalt Blue
Nickel Green
Copper Green - Blue

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