Blending wood and stone into custom designs.

Adam is a mixed material artist who lives in Woodstock Virginia, USA. He is an earth-loving woodworker who obtained his Bachelor's of Science from Radford University in Geology. He is the sole owner operator of House of Wood and Stone, through which he creates and sells handmade works of art. Some of his most beautiful creations are from locally foraged wood which he carves and then inlays with precious gems and crushed crystals. His unique pieces are inspired by his materials. Each stone has a story to tell, each wood has unique patterns, and he combines it all to create items of all sorts. His custom orders range from decorative statues, memorial plaques, surname shields, altars, and boxes inlayed with personal designs. He has been making items at home and vending at festivals since 2012, but should you seek something truly unique contact him directly. Every item is handmade with care, and each item is one of a kind. 

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